A Collection from summer

Here is a series of designs I had created this summer that I haven’t gotten a chance to share. Most of them were created with color in mind. I was thinking about how different colors affected the overall outcome of each design.

In this design above, I was really drawn to the light mauve color. I think this color is so gentile but can speak volumes when paired with colors that emphasize it. The coral red and the dusty blue are the two colors that pair really well with the light mauve.
This design was one I just started drawing and allowed my self to be free in the drawing process. I didn’t have any inspiration to base this design of of, I just wanted to create. I really love the outcome of this design and I will defiantly be using it in other projects to come.
The above drawing was inspired by a traditional Russian design. I love Russian design work. I think it is so elaborate and beautiful, and it really speaks of home to me. In this design, I used simpler colors than a traditional Russian design would have. I really love that emerald color!
The mood of this design is fun and exiting. I had the intention of creating it with lots of movement and liveliness. The colors in the design are my favorite, especially the light blue.
This last design reminds me of Hawaii for some reason. The design is intended to be light and fun. I didn’t really have a direction in designing this one, just went with the flow. Overall, the colors are what I love most about the design.

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