dots and layers

This was a really fun way to spend the afternoon. Honestly, observational drawing is one of my favorite things to do as long as their aren’t too many people around.

I came across this little flower area and got exited about these little red and yellow flowers. I have been really interested in stylizing my art work and creating something that represents my ideas but also having an interesting style twist to it. Initially, I got inspired by the little flowers so they are the center point of the drawing and then I built around them to create a cohesive drawing. Breaking down the drawing, it is mostly dots layered over each other. This technique creates a really interesting texture to the drawing without over powering it. If you are looking to use this technique, make sure to use a medium that has a little bit of fluidity. This will allow for better layering and you’ll be able to see the texture in each layer. The layering dot technique also creates contrast in areas which gives the drawing dimension. And dimension creates intrigue!

Long story short, it turned out better than expected!

Anyways, I hope this was useful in some way or form. My parting words are be inspired by nature and create art!

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