prairie flowers

my little adventure into the prairie

Wild flowers in the prairie are my favorite. Wild flowers, though seeming to be plain at first glance, are so beautiful when you actually take the time to notice them. There is an area near where I live that has a little prairie reserve. This allows for natural plant growth and helps to keep wild life safe.

I decided to go on a little adventure with my large sketch book and oil pastels. When I came across this little prairie field, I wanted to take inspiration from the wild flowers. So I set up camp and got right to drawing the beautiful yellow flowers. I am not going to lie, as fun and magical as it sound, it was actually miserable.

It was almost 100 degrees outside and their were so many bugs flying around me. But I got through the drawing and I am very pleased at how much I learned drawing from observation. I think that a lot of times, as artists, we get the idea that once we see something we should be able to draw it. This expectation for ourselves is not ideal and will not encourage us as creator. I have to constantly remind myself of this. We have to practice observational drawing and tell ourselves that we are doing amazing. Your art journey is yours and yours alone, so enjoy it!

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