6 Ways To Spice Up Your Saturday

The weekend is something we all look forward to. We associate it with relaxing and doing things we enjoy, but a lot of times we end up doing so many other things that we don’t even get to spend some time for ourselves. So here are some ways to spice up our Saturday and get time to ourselves to replenish ourselves.

1. unplug

First and foremost, turn off your phone. I mean like shut it off completely the night before, or the morning of. I think often times we forget to unplug from social media which has a way of constantly bombarding us with information that we could do one day without.

2. Set the tone for the day

Let your self wake up and get out of bed when your body is ready. This could look like going back to sleep if you wake up too early or just reading a book until you feel ready to get out of bed. The point is to not feel rushed! This will set the tone for the rest of the day.

3. Brew a GOOD cup of coffee!

I don’t mean the typical coffee that you have every morning of the week unless you are a coffee connoisseur, but something special that gives you the feeling of novelty. Coffee that you might have invested a little bit more money into.

4. NOURISH your brain

While you are drinking your wonderful cup of coffee, take the time to read a novel or something you find interesting. Reading is good for you! It stimulates your brain and helps to keep you imagining. I personally love to read fiction. I find that it’s the closest thing to teleporting to another world and experiencing it without actually being there.

5. Feed your tummy

Make some pancakes! (Or other food you enjoy). I personally LOVE pancakes!!! It’s like eating breakfast cake which feels like a treat. If making pancakes from scratch is too difficult, there are plenty of pancake mixes that you can find at your grocery store that are simple to make. I like putting chocolate chips into my pancakes because it gives them an extra yum and who doesn’t love chocolate?

6. Other ideas

Now, the goal of this Saturday is to relax and replenish your self. So do things that help you get there. Here is a list of ideas.

It’s up to you on how you want to spend your time but be intentional in the things you do want to do. Don’t forget that life will wait for you when you need to spend a day on your self. You are important and you deserve to spend time to yourself in the ways you like. Now, have a wonderful Saturday!

Love, Sophia Maria

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