How Colors Guide My Designs

If you do any type of design work, then you know that color is a significantly important part of the design process. The colors you choose can either make or break your design.

Ever since I discovered that I started using color as a guide to what I am going to create. I start my drawing process by selecting the color I want to use as the main color. This color is what portrays the spirit of the design or is the physical base of the drawing.

When I have decided on the main color, I then choose the colors that go well with it. I decide on these colors by using a color wheel. If you are not familiar with the color wheel, I would highly suggest looking it up and saving the diagram to use in your own design work.

There are all kinds of techniques you can use the color wheel for. For this process, I am only going to use complementary and split-complementary.

Complementary colors are the colors directly across from the main color you choose on the color wheel.
Split-complementary colors are across from the main color but they have been divided by two instead of just being one color.
These are the exact colors I chose for the design below.

Once all of my colors are decided, then I begin the design process. I use the main color as the central focus of my design, and I add the others to compliment it. As a small reminder, play around with colors and designs. Creating is supposed to be a fun process, not boring and rigorous.

If you want to read more about how to get inspired to create different designs, then follow the blog post down below. Other than that, be inspired and create from your heart! 🧑

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