How I get inspired by nature

What Inspires Me

I love taking walks and being inspired by the nature around me. Nature has been made so beautifully, and when my creativity is feeling short, I usually take a walk and immerse myself in the beauty of it. The tiniest parts of nature are what I closely look at to get inspired. Like the little buds on new growth of a tree or bright green moss growing on an old tree trunk or the colors of wildflowers. All of these things are so small and can be overlooked easily, but they are what sparks creativity inside of me.

How I capture my inspiration

I start by getting out of the house since nature is outside. Usually, I go for a walk to the park, or I will drive to a destination where there is a lot of trees and trails. Then I will get out and just enjoy the nature around me. nature inspiration

When I see something I love, I shoot a quick photo of it to remind me visually what I got inspired by. The easiest and most convenient to use to take photos is your smartphone because it’s likely already on you, and the camera quality doesn’t have to be great.

I will take a collection of photos, that way I have multiple images to draw inspiration from. I do not have a preconceived idea of what I want to draw, I just want to take in the nature around me and let it guide my inspiration. Keeping this open-mindedness, while taking photos of what you come across, will help you to create things you never thought of before. You are never tied to the photos you take for inspiration, so don’t feel like you have to create something out of every photo you take. This process is just to get your brain flowing in the path of creativity, and the goal is to inspire you to create.

What I do after I have captured my inspiration

After I have gathered enough photos, I go to my drawing board. The drawing process involves more steps but initially, I draw out what inspired me, and then I refine it from there. I layer images I have taken over each other to see what visual interest it brings. I go through a process of adding and subtracting visual content to see how it looks. I choose colors that work well together and have a slight contrast to create visual intrigue. When I get closer to what I want my drawing to look like, I work on simplifying it down. Good design is simplifying and refining your drawing, so it is clear visually and doesn’t overwhelm the viewer, but leaves them wanting more of what you make.

nature drawing

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