Eyes and Tears

Art Journal 04.17.2020

I know the drawing might come off as edgy and sad, but I honestly did not intend it to end up the way it did. This was one of those drawings where my hand took over and just drew what it liked (which is obviously eyeballs). I would say that I have always liked to draw eyes. I think they are intricate and can convey a lot of emotion. Also, eyes are the windows to people’s souls, so what can be cooler than that! I ended up layering the eyes because it creates repetition in the drawing. Repetition is a principal of design in art terminology. It helps the viewer see a pattern in the art piece and be familiar with it. In this drawing, the eyes are a repetitive pattern that creates familiarity throughout the piece. This drawing reminds me of what I used to create in my printmaking class. That’s probably why my hand was so familiar with the drawing style.

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