Life Paths

Drawing by SophiaMaria

The color palette and drawing are inspired by the life paths we are on. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have my own life path when I start to compare others’ life paths to mine. I can’t say its always easy to remember that, but I do constantly have to remind my self that my life is mine. The drawing above is abstract when looking at individual parts but it fits together as a whole. Just like in our life paths, some parts might be abstract to us and feel uncertain at times. But when looking in hindsight, our life paths make sense as a whole even with those obscure times. So follow your own life path and remember that everything happens for a reason.

color palette #7

This color palette is mostly composed of earth tones. It contains three cool colors and two warm colors, which create a good balance in the palette. The deep blue and the mustard yellow are complimentary on the color wheel. This creates subtle tension and movement in the art piece. The warm gray in the palette is a neutral color, which helps in bringing out the other colors in the palette.

Mood Board:

mood board for color palette #7

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