Drawing done by SophiaMaria
Drawing done by SophiaMaria

I have decided to take a new approach to create these color palettes. I have a studio artist background with a printmaking certificate, so I decided to put that to use. If you aren’t familiar with printmaking, it is essentially taking one matrix and transferring it to another. There is a whole bunch more involved as far as the process goes, but that’s the main idea. I drew out the image above to inspire the color palette. It is very colorful and vibrant, just how I used to make my prints in printmaking. I love mixing vibrant colors and seeing how they interact with each other. There is so much personality in each color combination that I get so excited just thinking about it!

Color Palette #6

The color palette contains six cool colors and four warm colors. The color palette is mainly made up of analogous colors. Analogous colors are described as colors that are side by side on the color wheel. The warm colors are all analogous to each other, and so are the blue. This creates harmony in the color palette. The mustard yellow is complementary with the blue colors in this palette. This creates an exciting combination because there is visual tension between them. Overall this color palette is appealing to the viewer but doesn’t create further tension to the eye.

Mood Board:

The mood of the palette is inspiring and spirited. I am trying to portray a sense of movement and energy with the colors. I want the viewer to feel like dancing when looking at the color palette. I also want the color palette to inspire others to be themselves and do what makes them excited!

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