Soft March

Photo by SophiaMaria

Yesterday I was out taking photos for a new line of color palettes, and I was inspired by the ending of March. Today is the last day of March, so I knew I had to get this post out before it was April. April is when things start to grow and become greener, so the colors are often brighter. But March is different because it’s the buffer month before spring begins. The world around us looks a little bit muted and bare as if all the leftovers from fall are waiting to grow. This color palette describes the month of March. The colors are a collection of soft neutrals with a little bit of darker shades to create contrast. The palette contains green and red hues, which are complementary colors on the color wheel. The use of these two hues helps bring an overall balance and richness to the palette. There are also purple undertones in some of the neutral colors which help to pair with warmer tones.

The above photo is a much more refined “Soft March” color palette. I choose five colors that I thought best represented this color palette. All of the colors go well together because they are neutrals, but these five, I believe, are the foundation of this color palette. I also created a mood board to portray the feeling of this color palette. This color palette is great for interior spaces because it creates an overall feeling of comfort. The colors are earthy, so they bring a taste of the outside world into the interior. This color palette can also be used in fashion. Because the colors are neutral, they can be paired with just about anything.

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